Hackathon Projects

You are not a loan

This was my first hackathon submission ever! At HackUTD in November 2019, my teammates and I decided to build a game to help people learn...

Cosmetic safety scanner

Role: Frontend and Database Engineer

Projects list:

General Projects Big and mini (April 2020) - ongoing

  • Nonprofit organization to connect the elderly with younger volunteers virtually
  • Role: Full stack development with AWS

Dallas Info (March 2020) - ongoing

  • Alexa skill for the City of Dallas
  • In association with Code for Dallas

Anthonyzhou.me (August 2019 or so, ongoing)

  • Personal blog and portfolio site

Audio Identification App (March 2020)

  • iOS app that identifies sounds in the environment using machine learning

Verdant Leaf (Aug 2018)

  • An article-publishing platform for high school students

Verdant Life (Aug 2018)

  • A nutrition calculator for meals and recipes

Hackathon Projects Thriftr (April 2020) - TitanHacks

  • An app that helps people buy and sell used clothing

Coding Together (April 2020) - RowdyHacks

  • Interactive programming software for the classroom

Quetzal (February 2020) - Hacklahoma

  • Automatic scheduling software based on biological clock

Smart Route (February 2020) - HackSMU, Winner (3rd place overall, 3rd place State Farm challenge)

  • Determine the safest route to a place based on past traffic data and current conditions

Senti-Index (January 2020) - TAMUHack

  • Visualize happiness on a map using sentiment analysis of Tweets and news

Cosmetic Safety Scanner (November 2019) - HackTAMS, Winner (1st overall)

  • Scan the ingredients list of a cosmetic product to see if it has dangerous ingredients

You are not a loan (November 2019) - HackUTD

  • A game that helps teach financial literacy through a simulation

Break-in Game (April 2019)

  • A break-in game for the web with several puzzle-style challenges